Computing & Game Design with Fusion

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 is an excellent method for teaching how to design video games. It’s makes an ideal method for teachers wanting to engage students and fulfil the requirements of the curriculum.


  • Computing and Software Development Concepts
  • Software Development With Fusion
  • Lesson Plans and Tutorials for Fusion


Teach important coding and computing concepts

With coding now an important part of the national curriculum and an important skill for students to learn, Fusion is the ideal tool to convey vital concepts such as logic, Boolean values and algorithms.


Fusion themed teaching resources

We want Fusion to be an indispensable resource for schools, whether it’s being used in lessons or after-school game design clubs. To help you make the best use of Fusion, we are also developing teaching resources including suggested course outlines, lesson plans and specially designed tutorials.


202 Pages
Computing Concepts
Learning Fusion
Fusion Tutorials
Lesson Plans and Student Worksheets

Book Samples



Tutorial: Pong

In this tutorial pupils learn how to make a Pong style game. It goes into detail on various useful Fusion techniques and is a great introduction to thinking about how a game works.

Download Tutorial (PDF file).

 Amaze Balls

In this tutorial pupils learn how to make a simple maze game in which a character can move around a maze to reach the end of level destination. A number of useful Fusion techniques are covered.

There is a Fusion MFA file to accompany this tutorial as part of the download package.

Download Tutorial (Zip File).